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Solutions Engineering


Technology represents the foundation stone for business success in the 21st century, whatever the nature of the business. Magnum Opus, along with its many other capabilities, can facilitate and lead projects in the definition, delivery and management of technology-based business solutions.


The quality of your procurement cycle will determine the quality of your contracts. Magnum Opus can support the many phases and aspects of the procurement cycle such as needs assessment, RFPs, contracts, service provider qualification and selection and relationship management, framwework agreements and utilising nominated sub-contracts under framework agreements. Your procurement strategy should be structured to meet business plan needs, offer investment protection, and structured vendor relationship management.


Whether for strategic or tactical necessity outsourcing needs to offer at least the same level of service as the in-house option. Magnum Opus can help with Needs Assessment, RFPs, Contracts, Service Provider Qualification and Selection, Relationship Management to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

After what can be significant capital investment in systems and network, Magnum Opus can help you derive optimum use of this infrastructure through business process analysis and design. Our operations experience gained across a diverse range of technologies from wireless satellite based GSM to point to multipoint and wireline cable television to carrier class networks is unparalleled in the Irish market.

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