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As client requirements have become more sophisticated, consultancies are having to respond with more innovative methods of approaching engagements.

At Magnum Opus our service proposition is based on four key attributes:

Auditable Practices

Design to Operate Approach

Blue Chip Pedigree

Proven Capability


A suite of discrete methodologies and practices ensure management bandwidth is maintained at a minimum – whilst still ensuring full project control. The modular structure of the methodologies result in a bespoke approach for each project based on the project scale and client requirements.


Our demonstrable DESIGN, BUILD & OPERATE experience, results in an engagement approach which focuses on a deliverable which is fit for purpose and most importantly results in a solution which has been designed and built to operate on behalf of our client. One of the key strengths of our offering is its balance of engineering and operations experience. All design decisions are qualified from an operational perspective to ensure that that the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.


Our team of professionals and our international expertise ensure that you derive the value of their experience earned at some of the predominant operators and equipment vendors in the telecommunications industry. All consultants are also required to actively participate in client engagements. This ensures that we understand new trends in the marketplace and our expertise is derived from direct experience.

The accumulated experience of the Magnum Opus team is leveraged to ensure that you, the client, reaps the full benefit of our learning experiences. While still maintaining client privledge Magnum Opus would be delighted to discuss and review a number of our engagements to clarify the engagement scope and and facilitate references where required.

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