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About Magnum Opus

Who We Are

Derived from the Latin phrase meaning a great work, at Magnum Opus our greatest work is your greatest opportunity. Our success is based on delivering a world-class service to our clients. In the competitive markets of today, your partners must facilitate the goals that will allow your business to achieve its objectives; Magnum Opus is that partner.

Magnum Opus realise that every client is unique. Our suite of modular methodologies is constructed to ensure that each engagement approach is customised to suit the unique attributes of each client engagement.

Our client list represents leading Irish names in the corporate and public sector and is an indication of our reputation for, and our commitment to, excellence. Our core team has worked together prior to Magnum Opus. As members of the Formus Communications senior management team they were responsible for deploying the Formus wireless services prior to the parent company exit from the Irish and European market.

Our goals are:

To never compromise on the quality of our work.

To be recognised for the timeliness of our response.

To be our clients most trusted advisor.


At Magnum Opus we believe that you, the client, should profit from our prior experiences and exposure and would be delighted to be given the opportunity to demonstrate this.At Magnum Opus we recognise that every client engagement is different and both respect and understand that each client is unique in terms of the constraints and pressures they are facing in their everyday business operations. Therefore we provide a timely and personalised service tailored to the specific needs of you, our client.Each engagement will involve combining your detailed knowledge of their business with our accumulated experience and expertise to ensure your expectations are exceeded  nobody knows your business better than you.We believe that there are no shortcuts to excellence and we adhere to high standards of professional conduct and ethics. Towards this end, we offer advice that is independent and objective.

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